The militants killed in southern Syria trucks with their arms [com]

The militants on the border of Syria and Lebanon destroyed trucks carrying their weapons from the military group Hamas. This writes a Monday Al-Habbath News.

According to a source in the medium militants situation occurred due to an error battle group commander, who confused the flags of Hamas and Hezbollah. In this case, why the militants tried to capture the column is not reported.

After the destruction of the column podospevshaya second battle group of terrorists "Front of Al-Nusra" explained the first group error. In this case, the commander of the militants was shot.

Weapons and ammunition were undermined, along with trucks. As eyewitnesses to use this weapon will not succeed.

In addition, the Israeli TV channel 9TV said that it was U.S. weapons, which brought the Americans under the flags of Hamas. If this is true, then it issecond unsuccessful attempt by the U.S.put the gun militants.

Telegafist notes that this is not the first event that demonstrates the absolute lack of coherence between different factions fighting in Syria.

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