The military decided on drones

The Ministry of Defense has approved the terms of reference for the development of shock UAV

  • The military decided on drones
  • The military decided on drones

Defense defined the characteristics of the shock UAV and approved the terms of reference for its creation. About the beginning of the development of UAV, able not only to conduct exploration, but also to put the missile and bomb strikes, "Izvestia" said a senior official of the company "Transas", which is developing an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

— We have received from the Ministry of Defense terms of reference for a new drone. The unit will be set up in a modular design. It will be possible to complement, depending on the task — different kinds of intelligence, photo and video shooting, the observation of objects and patrolling. In particular, he will be able to carry weapons — said "Izvestiya" top manager of the company


The company "Transas" will develop on-board electronic systems, control and navigation. The glider will create Kazan bureau "Falcon".

Until now, the Ministry of Defence were ordering drones small and medium class designed primarily for reconnaissance. The only project the impact of heavy drone "Scat", developed by KB MiG, was shown in the form of a model at MAKS in 2007, and further development is not received. Several Russian companies have developed projects drone strike, but without the technical specifications of the Ministry of Defense, this work did not make sense.

— We could lead the development of the UAV, we have all the resources to do so. However, without a clear position of the customer, such work is simply not justified economically — told "Izvestia" a senior official of the company "Sukhoi".   

The press service of the MiG "News" also reported that they are working on the impact drone.

Air Force Commander Alexander Zelin said that the UAV will go to the troops by 2020, experts believe that the first units could be ready by 2016 and then begin their tests.

The developers did not disclose the technical characteristics of the new drone, referring to the military secret, but the chief editor of the online portal Denis Fedutinov told "Izvestia" that this device can compete with foreign UAVs of two types: the first — weighing 800-1000 kg, the second — 4.5-5 m

— There may be a question of the medium-long-endurance machines, which in addition to intelligence operations are often used in the world and in order to shock — he explained. 

Fedutinov recalled the history of the emergence of American UAV in its class. Predato was initially established as the intelligence apparatus, but in later versions was armed with two anti-tank missiles. A heavier version — Reaper — was created as a percussion device, capable of carrying a greater number and range of weapons.

 Predator a top speed of 217 km / h, range is 740 km, and the ceiling — 18 thousand meters in flight machine can be up to 20 hours and carry 1360 kg of cargo. Reaper is able to fly more than 7 thousand km and carry up to 14 missiles "air-to-ground» Hellfire. It is on these characteristics and will be guided by the Russian developers, according to respondents ‘Izvestia‘ experts.

According Fedutinova, the main advantage compared to the UAV tactical missiles — the ability to respond quickly to the changing environment:

— Launch a rocket, you can not quickly change the trajectory of its flight in the event of changing circumstances. UAVs, coming on goal, can conduct reconnaissance and follow-up exploration and cause firing. These devices are effective for the defeat of militant groups, especially when they move through the difficult terrain. In addition to missiles they can carry bombs, hitting not only the manpower but also technique and shelter.

In addition to creating UAV great attention should be paid to training and their operators, or non-combat losses are inevitable technology.

— During the trial of Israeli drones on the ground in Kolomna was lost at least five cars. Generals like a joystick to play, although one of the advantages of UAVs — the ability to operate in a fully automatic mode, so fun to finally flew.

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