The military denied the information on the refusal of the MiG-35

Air Force Commander categorically denied distributed earlier information that the Air Force put off the purchase of MiG-35.

  • Multi-role fighter of the 4 + + MiG-35.
  • Multi-role fighter of the 4 + + MiG-35.

 Viktor Bondar highly appreciated the performance characteristics of the fighter and his military capabilities. He said that in parts of the flight are looking forward to the MiG-35, which has the potential to become one of the main park in fighter aircraft. Between the Air Force and industry are coordinating some of the technical details, after which the contract for the purchase of MiG-35 will be signed.

Just Air Force Commander praised the heavy multi-role fighters Su-35s, which have already begun to enter the army.

Speaking of strategic bombers, which will replace the Tu-95 and Tu-160, Viktor Bondar said that work on the PAK DA — promising aviation complex long-range aircraft (the so-called the plane) are in the beginning. There is a discussion of its layout and main characteristics. However, it is determined that it will be hard subsonic machine capable of carrying the entire missile and bomb arsenal, available now in the Air Force and one that is still being developed, including hypersonic missile. Practical work on the PAK DA will close by 2020.

The Commander in Chief also said that the Air Force will continue to actively update the fleet of military transport aviation, highlighting the major role played by the Air Force that the BTA with the Far East, were now in a flood zone. Viktor Bondar assured that the Air Force will increase such assistance, and will take an active part in the aftermath of a natural disaster. [/ Cut]

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