The military department has completed work on charge of military personnel increased allowance

Head of social guarantees of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense Anna Kondratieff at a meeting with media representatives stated that, as has been determined by the Minister of Defence, to January 25, 2012 War Department completed its work on calculating the military increased allowance.

She noted that at the present time in most formations and units of the military and the money has already been received today, this issue will be completely closed to all Armed Forces.

An important feature of the new system of salaries of military personnel is that the calculation and transfer allowance is made through the Unified Clearing Center (ICC) located in Moscow. This centralization allows calculations to ensure the timely transfer allowance, as well as to transparency and control over the expenditure of funds for its payment. For this purpose the ICC formed an information center, which at the request of the military will give explanations about their individual monetary contentment.

Head of Department also focused attention on the large amount of preparatory work. Thus, for the implementation of the federal law on the payroll of the new members of the Armed Forces from January 1, 2012 the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Defense were developed more than 30 regulations in the form of appropriate regulations and departmental orders.

The concept of creating a new system of military salary with significant 2.5-3 times increase in salaries for military posts and titles aimed at promoting their professional growth and career development. This provides an opportunity for increasing the allowance depending on the service in the types and arms Sun

As a result, taking into account the amount of the monthly allowance allowance will be at least: the commander of the platoon — 50 thousand rubles from the company commander — 66 thousand rubles;
the commander of the battalion — 76.2 thousand rubles.

Undergoing military service under the contract in the Far North and equivalent areas, including remote, salaries will be paid with regard to the relevant factors.

Undergoing military service in military units abroad, as well as performing tasks in a state of emergency and armed conflict, as established multipliers. When participating in hostilities charge a monetary allowances from one to two salaries for the military post.

As an example, Anna Kondratyev led by the fact that the lieutenant, who serves in the Airborne Troops in remote areas, the size of monetary allowance will be 66.5 thousand rubles, and the lieutenant serving with the crew of a submarine of the Northern Fleet — 92 , 4 thousand.

In order to encourage military service in the Russian Defense Ministry is continuing to expand the legal framework for payment of allowances and other aspects. In particular, it provides for allowances for qualifying the level of physical military training and knowledge of foreign languages. But not just for the ability and knowledge, and for their applications in the performance of official duties. The exact dimensions of these allowances will be established soon by order of the Minister of Defense.

Along with this install certain payments to servicemen:
mobility allowance when moving to another duty station — at the rate of one monetary salary for servicemen and one-quarter monetary salary for each family member;
a lump sum severance, if the total length of service is less than 20 years old — 2 monetary salary, and 20 or more years — 7 salary pay.

As for conscripts, the Russian Defense Ministry on January 1, 2012, in accordance with the decision of the President of the Russian Federation carried out the experiment in the payment of their uniform allowance in the amount of two thousand rubles a month regardless of his military position.

Innovations were made and retired military personnel. Their pensions recalculated based on the new salary for the military rank and position, and in consultation with the Finance Ministry of Russia for January are listed from 22 to 27 December last year. In February, the pension will be transferred in a timely manner and paid at the beginning of the month. The average size of military pensions has increased by 1.6 times.

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