The military destroyed the enemy, for the first time applying Pinocchio in combat

Heavy flamethrower system "Pinocchio"

Accuracy of heavy flamethrower system (TOS-1) "Pinocchio" was first held at the site in the Eastern Military District. As noted by the military, all targets were destroyed.

As part of the exercise flamethrower battalion brigade of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (NBC) County realized the alarm. They carried many kilometers march and arrived in the area of combat shooting. Their task was to hit the imaginary enemy, who was at a distance of three kilometers.

"As part of the special tactical exercises flamethrowerfirst performed practical shooting from this terrible weaponand successfully hit all the targets, "- said the representative of the press service of the district.

"Pinocchio" — a hybrid of T-72 tanks and multiple rocket launchers. It shoots 220 mm unguided rockets with a thermobaric warhead. When no blowing blast and fragments, and all live within 300 square meters in area destroyed explosion pressure and high temperature. The firing range 3 kilometers.

In addition, under the teachings of the fire department to comply jet infantry flamethrower "Bumblebee". The soldiers also successfully hit the imaginary enemy at a distance of 200 meters.

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