The military staged unannounced inspection readiness

The Russian military exercises conducted in several districts. And all emergency maneuvers. Marines, airmen and sailors raised the alarm and made spot checks for personnel and for military equipment. 

The Ministry of Defence has already tried out the practice continues to surprise inspections by the troops. At the landfill Red Plows, in the Pskov region, the teachings of paratroopers and coastal forces of the Navy led the Airborne Troops Commander Vladimir Shamanov. Were alerted units and controls air assault regiment. Next march 70 kilometers with the participation of five hundred troops and more than 60 pieces of military equipment.

Was invited to the training camp and the representatives of the military-industrial complex. The main objective was not only to test how well the personnel learned to operate combat vehicles, but also to see how the technique itself behaves in the field. And in the case of any fault, submit all claims for its producers on the spot.

That’s the main problem for today’s shooting of BMD-2, we spent the whole investigation, said Navy Commander Vladimir Shamanov Russia. They did this in the Ryazan Airborne Troops Military School there is a very good chair, and on the basis of the 76th Division. Everywhere was shown sustained good results.

Was unexpected and anxiety for aviation. The crews of bombers Su-24 and Su-25, MiG-29 and attack helicopters Mi-28N is given the task to destroy the convoy of tanks and military airport perceived enemy in the landfill area Pogonovo near Voronezh. Moreover, the exact coordinates of targets pilots were not initially known. They got them on the way in the mode of coded radio signal. Attacked targets with no military course and a free maneuver.

Such fees is also an opportunity to try out new items coming into service today. How, for example, a system aiming SVP-24. It can also be used on airplanes, and helicopters. In fact, it is the whole complex, which provides navigation, operational use and even the security of the flight.

It provides a so-called inter-species interaction. Where suhoputchik observes a target that is the enemy and takes it coordinates with maps of the area. And on the plane passed, says the chief designer of the enterprise developer Alexander Panin. We define the initial conditions of release bombs, the direction of the velocity vector, due to this high accuracy is obtained.

In the Chelyabinsk region staged a sudden commanders of the exam. At the landfill, tank brigade exercises target practice first met officers. It was only after they got to the war machines ranks. The principle of do as I do in the Army still has not been canceled.

The commander of the compounds should not only teach, train their employees to perform tasks, but he himself must match the level that requires now Chief of Land Forces, said the head of the combat training of the Eastern Military District Alexander Peryazev.

Such fees will be held every year in the army. And every time the focus will be given to the weakest places. Now, for example, the emphasis is on training marching, as in the most recent inspection found that not all units are able to quickly advance team to the destination. The results of these exercises, the commander will be discussed at the roundtables. In fact, to adjust the training plan they still have a week. New summer training period in the army will begin the first of June.

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