The mine chertinskaja-South (Belon) is a modernization of coal mine


The mine "chertinskaja-South" JSC "Belon" (part of MMK) has begun installation of a new assembly line, through which significantly reduced the time and route of delivery of coal from the bottom to the surface.
Modernization of mining transport to "chertinskaja-South" special attention. According to the program of development of the company in 2013, he entered the mine belt conveyor 2 CFL in 1200. The new equipment will be installed in a specially passed inclined generation.

At present, coal is transported from the lava with four stationary conveyors, the length of which a total of 2200 meters, the schematic, it looks like a loop in the form of the letter "P". Thanks to the new generation, this "loop" has been eliminated and assembly line will be reduced by 550 meters. And if now the transportation of coal from the lava to skip winding takes 15 minutes, with the commissioning of the new pipeline will be about 11 minutes.

The new pipeline, including, will be designed for the transportation of people and, therefore, due to the speed and less meters of the transport chain to fall way from the workplace to the trunk. This minimizes time finding people in the mine, and it is — better working conditions.

"Currently, the mine" chertinskaja-South "is the only company in the Belovskoy mine where coal is plow, — said the director of the mine Alexander Boyanovsky. — The level of production in this way allows the mine to mine within 55-65 million tons of coal per month our thin layers. European experience shows that to increase production in these conditions in two ways — either using additional accumulating reservoirs, either by increasing the productivity of assembly lines. Again referring to the experience of different countries, conveyors which are beyond the plow should have a width of tape not less than 1,200 meters, and performance — of the order of thousands of tons of coal per hour. On mine chose the second way, determined to improve the transportation of coal. "

Installation of a new assembly line is scheduled for completion in June, and run — in August, with the commissioning of the new lava number 613. Thus, a modified transport chain will face a new issue of coal more efficiently, perhaps, will also contribute to increase the production of "black gold" for a few thousand tons of coal per month.

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