The mine Donetsk opened a unique lava

"Krasnolimanskaya" in Rodinskoye the grand opening event unique to Ukraine lava. This is reported by local media.

A notable new lava makes a great power of the processed layer — more than 3 meters. In this case, the average power of the processed layers on the Donbass coal mines varies within 0.8-2.5 meters. 
"The new lava greatly enhance the economic potential of not only the Donetsk region, but the whole of Ukraine", — said the governor of the Donetsk region, Andrei Shyshatskiy.
Commissioning of the new lava coincided with an equally significant event — the issuance to the surface from the beginning of the year 1 million tons of coal.
"We hope that the labor exploits of an enterprise will serve as an example to others," — said Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry I.Popovich.
Of particular note is that the "Krasnolimanskaya" is one of the leaders of the fuel and energy complex of Ukraine. It is the only state-owned coal company, which does not receive subsidies from the state budget for the cost of production. We also note that in the past year, the company produced over one million 300 thousand tons of coal, but this year the figure will be much higher

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