The mine Kostromovskaya (Kemerovo region). Put into operation a new tunneling system

According to the approved CMI investment program at the mine "Kostromovskaya" in that it was planned to make a full update tunneling technology. In January-March were received and put into service domestic harvesters Kopeysk machine factory KP-21.

In addition, in the middle of the year to the mine received three tunnel complex «JOY» and one — «SANDVIK». Currently complexes «JOY» have already proved themselves as reliable, high-performance equipment.

In October, was put into operation tunneling system MB-670 from the company «SANDVIK», which to date has no analogues in the engineering market. Austrian equipment includes a number of new technical solutions, which features a "complex" and the "combine." The main difference is that the MB-670 is capable of simultaneously producing hollow rock, fixing the roof and sides of the excavation. Previously, the work was interrupted by the combine while drilling and anchoring now conducting excavations will be carried out in a continuous mode. All the processes are produced by the new technology, automated data displayed on the monitor.

The purchase of this tunneling system will create a more comfortable and safe working conditions for miners. So, before drilling was carried out by means of drilling rigs "Rambor." The new complex rigs are built in the complex itself, their management be carried out with the help of hydraulics, the process is fully automated. Meet the requirements of industrial safety is promoted and dust removal installation, maintenance personnel is out of coal extraction, which contains a large amount of coal dust.

Representatives of the plant mechanical engineer in accordance with the terms of the contract, the site showed machinists mining excavation machinery assembly technology combine, and the principles of operation of the automated control system. Service center «SANDVIK» tunneling crews, trained by Alexei Efimov, the team has mastered the technique and performs direct work.

Currently, the team at the new complex track runs east slope, the completion of this work, «SANDVIK» go to the east wing of the mine, to prepare lava № 19-12.

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