The mine Listvjazhnaja (HC SDS-Coal) commissioned electrosubstation

The mine "Listvjazhnaja" (JSC HC "SDS-Coal") commissioned electrosubstation "Waterfront" 110/6/6, 3 kV. New power to fully ensure reliable and uninterrupted supply of electricity underground and surface facilities of the enterprise. The construction of the substation holding company "Siberian Business Union" has sent 303 million rubles.

New power closer to consumers by 1.5 kilometers, which significantly reduced the tension loss. The total capacity of power substations provide two power transformers of 25 MW each. To date, the consumption is 12 mW.

Electrosubstation mine "Listvjazhnaja" meets all the standards of industrial, environmental, and energy security. Capacity of the new energy facility designed to increase mine production to 6.9 million tons of coal a year. The substation is powered by two single-circuit high-voltage power lines of 110 kV, a total length of 7 km.

Electrosubstation "Waterfront" is built into the framework of the investment project for the development of the enterprise. The most powerful consumer will become the new main fans (2,280 kW), scheduled for launch in Q2 2013

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