The mine Vorgashorskaja launched mega-lava with reserves of more than 2.7 million tons of coal

The mine "Vorgashorskaja" launched mega lava. On the dimensions and technical equipment it has no analogues in Vorkuta and the Komi Republic. The cost of the project — more than a billion rubles. Stocks mega lava 343? With the reservoir "Powerful" (with a height of about three meters of the reservoir) are more than 2.7 million tons of coal. Length of excavation pillar stope — more than 2.5 kilometers. Vault hold 194 roof support a total length of 300 meters.

The new German equipment purchased specifically for mega-lava is non-standard sizes. Within two months, he was transported to slaughter in dismantled form of two trunk. Since August, was assembling production complex. For transporting coal to the surface in a mine mounted 12 pipelines with a total length of over 14 kilometers.

Investment in the project to develop a new lava 343? With more than a billion rubles.

Daily production in the lava is planned to reach 10,000 tons of coal.

— This month, we expect to produce 200,000 tonnes — the director of "Vorgashorskaja" Mikhail Timofeev. — Starting next month, we have to go for 300? 350,000 tons. Thanks to modern equipment, we hope, the complex will provide a more secure and stable production of coal.

With the release of the mega-lava at full capacity, the company in the near future be able to increase coal production by about half a million tonnes — up to 4.2 million.

Approximately nine months later, after working this lava 343? With modern German equipment remount the next lava 243? With, then to 143? With.

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