The Minister of Education of Germany caught plagiarizing

University of Düsseldorf dismissed Annette Schavan not only in the scientific degree, but also in the diploma

Academic Council of the Faculty of Philosophy University of Düsseldorf. Heinrich Heine considered insolvent award 33 years ago to the current degree of the Minister of Education and Research 57-year-old Annette Schavan. The participants recognized that the 361-page dissertation is "systematically and deliberately betrayed expressed by other authors for their thoughts." The opposition immediately demanded her resignation. If it happens, it will be a serious blow to the ruling coalition and the CDU in the Bundestag before the election, to be held in September this year.

— This scandal shows that the campaign is gradually becoming a hot phase — said the "News" scientific director of the German-Russian Forum Alexander Rahr. — Think about it, not caught plagiarizing someone, and the Minister of Education.

Earlier, a similar ugly thing happened with another member of Merkel’s cabinet — former Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. Then the policy was accused that he had included in the text of his thesis, at least 23 large inserts that violate copyrights. Two weeks after the official disclosure — March 1, 2011 — he was forced to resign.

The sins of Shawan not as loud. She criticized the fact that it is not fully listed sources used when writing his work, and in the form of zauvalirovannoy reproduced some of the scientific findings of other authors. Within a month, she can challenge the university’s decision to the Administrative Court. Her lawyers have already indicated their intention to appeal.

It is noteworthy that his thesis Annette Schavan defended her right after graduation. Then there was such a practice, a document on obtaining a degree is both a high school diploma. So the minister of education is not only deprived of the title of candidate of sciences, but also a certificate of higher education

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