The Ministry of Defence has adopted a new radar station Malachite

The moving radar "Malachite" is a modernized version of the Ukrainian radar P-18MU "Terek", developed in the USSR in 1971. In a modified version of a radar jammer used compensation, digital signal processing, measurement of the velocity of air targets, as well as their automatic search and tracking.


"Malachite" is also able to automatically transmit data about the detected air purposes. The radar station is located on the chassis KrAZ and a cargo trailer (for comparison, the P-18MU based on two vehicles Ural-375 or Ural-4320 and two trailers). The radar can detect targets moving at speeds of up to thousands of meters per second, and track up to 256 of them. The manufacturer of the new radar is a Ukrainian company "Ukrspetstekhnika."

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