The Ministry of Defence has demonstrated armored Tiger-M2 with a new weapon station

During the show of military equipment to the day of innovation Ministry of Defence has been demonstrated Armored "Tiger-M2 with a new remote-controlled weapon station. 

New combat unit is a development of the family "Adunok" designed to KB "Display" (Vitebsk Belarus).

ADUNOK represents a fighting platform on which are mounted machine guns to 12.7-mm automatic grenade launchers or AH-17A

The complex has a sector of observation and lesion 360 degrees horizontally and from minus 20 to plus 60 vertically. As part of a combat unit optronic observation and a powerful computer.

Western countries have significant experience in designing similar systems, but in Russia they for some reason do not work out. Gunsmiths Vitebsk created what will be required by armed forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in the near future.

Moreover, it should be noted that the accuracy of the fire control equipment reliability at the best world analogues, and the price is quite competitive.

CB press service of "Display"

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