The modern center of patriotic education has opened near Izhevsk


The first shift was opened in 2012 in the newly created Center for Military-patriotic education and training of citizens for military service. Recall that it’s based on aero DOSAAF Pyrohiv.

150 tenth Izhevsk schools take part in the defense and sports profile shift, where for five days living in field conditions in the camp and learn the basics of the first military service. The curricula of children — lessons in military and combat training, target practice, sport activities. Classes are conducted by staff operating officers and school teachers of life safety. Come to camp and experts are not military specialties — psychologists, drug experts.

Each morning campers after getting up at 7:00 begins with a morning jog. During the day classes in his spare time, guys prefer to play soccer and volleyball. Lights out at 22:30 h.

Today, 30 May, the center visited by the head of the republic Alexander Volkov. He inspected the camp, where, besides tents for accommodation and training sessions are available showers, toilets, washing facilities, medical office, reviewed the conditions in which children are discussed with the younger generation of life’s questions.

Pupils supported the initiative of the head of the region on the organization of the Centre, welcomed the living conditions, noted the quality of food and the organizers have made a number of proposals. So, the guys were asked to arrange for them to more sports fields for football and volleyball, they are interested in training in unarmed combat and other martial arts, was asked to build on the sites more horizontal bars for pull-ups and performing strength exercises.

The most important thing for the children, the President of Udmurtia in an interview with reporters, is the physical preparation and that extraordinary feeling that is felt just a boy wearing a military uniform and become completely different people.

Alexander Volkov has identified the main problem in the development of the Center, "I set myself the task — in 2-3 years to make our Center of military-patriotic education of the best in Russia. Today, similar centers in Russia — only six. Udmurtia again in the forefront. It’s the right thing to be useful by the boys and their parents. "

While the boys are living in tents, but by the autumn, and the President of the Republic has set such a task is to be renovated barracks for living accommodation and classrooms, will address the issue of summing gas and water, the press service of the head of the region.

"In general, do everything wrong — summed up Alexander Volkov — to educate deserving young people — patriots of their country, who love their homeland and are ready to protect her and do everything for it to flourish."

In addition, the President of Udmurtia instructed the organizers and leaders of ministries that oversee the work of the Regional Centre, to keep the issue on the special control for the selection of teachers, so that teachers were decent people, that there was not any public displays of statutory relations and "bullying." 

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