The modern complex air defense control Barnaul-T will be deployed in the Chechen Republic.


In the combined arms of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), stationed in the Chechen Republic, entered the base complex automation point of intelligence and control of tactical air defense units zvena.Novy complex can effectively control the forces and air defense compound at all levels, increases their mobility and survivability under any combat conditions, the press service of the Southern Military District.


The main problem to be solved by a basic set of "Barnaul-T" — Exploration of air targets, receiving and displaying information on the traffic situation, the distribution of targets and the issuance of means of destruction of target indications.


Using complex "Barnaul-T" provides coordination of all air defense units equipped with both current and prospective, by the armed anti-aircraft missile (rocket) complexes and radars. Complex constructed as separate modules.


Software and hardware modules are placed on the conveyor chassis MT forehead and KAMAZ, and there are portable fire control modules. Complex "Barnaul-T" in their effectiveness, reliability, and at the same time the number of tasks is not inferior to foreign analogues.


It is an all-weather, can operate at altitudes up to 3000 m above sea level, and is also used as a stand-alone simulator for the crews.

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