The modernization of the railway from Russia to North Korea

Sept. 22 ceremony to mark the completion of the reconstruction of the railway station from the Russian town of Khasan to the North Korean port of Rajin, was held in the trade and economic zone of Rason in the north of North Korea, it took part in the RZD President Vladimir Yakunin.

Implementation of the international project "Hasan-Rajin", which provides capital upgrades 54-kilometer stretch of railway, construction of a container terminal in the sea port of Rajin and the subsequent maintenance of this infrastructure, started in 2009.

The representative of the line said that during the reconstruction of the area Hasan-Rajin was built and fully upgraded 18 bridges, 12 culverts, 3 tunnel stretching over 4.5 kilometers. Modern equipment alarms, locks and communication. The construction of the universal transshipment terminal in Rajin.

Rajin seaport has a good geographical position, so it loads from coming out of Europe on the Trans-Siberian, will be delivered by the courts of many countries in Asia. This joint venture will "RasonKonTrans" which revolutionized the railroad and built a container terminal, "- said the source.

In October 2011, the team drivers Far Eastern Railway (Far Eastern) held in Russia in Rajin demonstration container train.

According to him, in 2012, in a joint project 34 specialists from North Korea have been trained in the training centers of Far Eastern. To control the movement of trains in the Khasan-Rajin control center will be set up with the participation of experts "RasonKonTrans" and the company "Donghae" of North Korea.

"The project will help in the future to restore the movement of trains across the Trans-Korean Railway. This will be the shortest transport route to Europe and back, it will go on freight trains with containers will be able to refocus on the Russian Trans-Siberian significant portion of goods that are currently going by sea from South Korea to Europe "- quoted the words of the head of Russian Railways spokesman Yakunin at the opening ceremony.

Commissioning will provide additional transport up to 4 million tons of bulk cargo and 100 thousand containers from South Korea to Russia, Europe and the CIS countries. The railway will be able to pass 15 pairs of trains per day, which will completely cover the need to secure container shipments of 200 thousand TEU per year (in the front).


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