The modernization of the sugar factory Pervuhinskogo

One of the leading manufacturer of confectionery corporation "Biscuit-Chocolate" has started to modernize its Pervuhinskogo owned sugar factory (Kharkiv region). According to the press service of the corporation, in the next two seasons, the main purpose of investment will be a comprehensive modernization of the section defekosaturatsii.

Modernization is carried out by Ukrainian companies, the general contractor is a firm TMA, which for more than 12 years of experience in reconstruction, modernization and maintenance work on the sugar factories in Ukraine and abroad. Also involved in the work of one of the engineering companies and research institute.

"We’re going in September when the new season of sugar beet, to conduct the first phase of modernization, and the next summer to complete it. This is a very capital-intensive project, but the result, we will increase the yield by 0.5%, while it is high in sugar production and at the same time will reduce the energy intensity of production, and consequently — the cost of production, "- said the president of the corporation Alla Kovalenko.


Corporation "Biscuit-Chocolate" — one of the largest producers of confectionery products and brings together a number of companies providing all the basic steps of the production process, from raw material to finished products. The corporation consists of JSC "Kharkiv Biscuit Factory", JSC "Confectionery" Kharkovchanka "and" Trade House "Prestige". Her areas of management include "Pervuhinsky sugar factory", LLC "Krasnogradsky Mlyn", JSC "Agri them. Skovoroda" Company "Agri" Peter and Paul Fortress. "
Under the brand name "Biscuit-Chocolate" is issued more than 20 groups of confectionery products.

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