The modernization of the wind tunnel T-106 TsAGI


August 25. Experts electrical and electromechanical offices, branches "Aerodynamics of aircraft and rockets" TSAGI the complex of works for commissioning and development for the normal operation of the new power supply of the main drive wind tunnel T-106, mounted as a result of in 2010-2011. modernization.

Return of the T-106 in commercial operation means the possibility of testing models with minimal distortion of the geometry of the landing configuration at high Reynolds numbers, and testing models at transonic Mach numbers.

Now experts offices "Standards of strength and load" and "Aerodynamics of aircraft and missiles," TsAGI started to perform after the first cycle of modernization of industrial tests of the model console vertical tail promising samoletaT-50 PAK FA flutter. Client work — JSC "Sukhoi".

Rejection of the motor-generator as a result conducted in wind tunnel T-106 works and commissioning of the thyristor converters can save energy and cook more quickly to ADT launches. The increase in the maximum power can not only realize the whole operating range of modes ADT T-106, but also provides the possibility of its future expansion, as well as increased speed accuracy of flow. Modernization of the equipment required computer room cooling water systems, air ventilation and climate control, operated from a workstation operator.

ADT T-106 is one of the most popular wind-turbine TSAGI for research aircraft for various purposes in the range of high subsonic and transonic speeds.

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