The modernized Su-25UB has passed state tests

State tests of the modernized combat training Su-25UBM. On this, as reported by "Interfax", said CEO of the concern "Attack Aircraft Sukhoi" Vladimir Babak. He said the attack has passed all stages of the test, including the combat use. Is currently under registration certificate of completion of state tests, and then will begin mass production of the Su-25UBM and the subsequent transfer of the Russian Air Force machine.

The Su-25UBM is a deep modernization of the combat training of the Su-25UB, capable of performing combat tasks at any time and in any weather. This aircraft can be used as a training and also as an independent combat unit. Thanks to a new complex of avionics, Su-25UBM can serve as a scout, gunner and the coordinator of the Su-25 in the link. The first flight of the upgraded Su-25UB was held December 6, 2008.

Details on the modernization of the aircraft were not disclosed. It is known that the machine installed a new radar station "Spear" and complex avionics "Bars-2". In the future, machines will be replaced by a system of self-defense against MANPADS infrared-guided. Currently, the aircraft used by target shoot off heat, which will be replaced by new stations opto-electronic suppression, which uses a modulated infrared light.

Sioux 25UBM capable of speeds up to 950 kilometers per hour to fly a distance of 1.3 thousand kilometers.

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