The monitoring system helps police ARKAN Kamchatka ensure school safety

On the eve of the Day of Knowledge, and the new school year, police Kamchatka in emergency mode conducted training exercise on working visits to the signals "Alarm" of educational institutions. Responsiveness to emergency situations helps ensure mounted on patrol cars ARKAN SuperVising monitoring system based on satellite positioning technology GLONASS / GPS.


To date, alarm signaling with connection to central monitoring stations equipped with the majority of schools, kindergartens, vocational schools and universities of the peninsula. In signaling complexes are stationary and portable "alarm" button. In the case of an abnormal situation, you just press a button to report hazards. At the specified coordinates immediately sent a rapid response crew.

Installed in patrol cars satellite monitoring system ARKAN SuperVising can effectively control the forces and resources of law enforcement in real time. The duty, which monitors vehicle location using a system ARKAN, on the basis of incoming navigation and service information guides closest to the scene police crew, thereby reducing the time of arrival to 3-5 minutes.

Developed using the latest technology ARKAN monitoring system reduces the response time to the accident, as well as to optimize the operational costs of maintaining the service fleet. Solutions of "Arkan" successfully established themselves in activities to curb illegal activities and are used by law enforcement agencies in different regions of Russia.

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