The monstrous moral decline in Europe: one-third of students are willing to


Where do we draw? Correctly in a "united Europe".
One in three students in Berlin are not averse to prostitution to earn some money, and every thirty? already working in the sex industry. These data result from the report circulated organization Studienkolleg zu Berlin.

The study surveyed Studienkolleg zu Berlin 3200 Berlin students and students in Berlin. A third of those surveyed said it is considering prostitution and other sectors of the sex industry (striptease, escort, etc.) as an opportunity to work on the side during the study. 3.7% of respondents admitted that they are already practicing this job. For comparison, in Paris, on the Gaza sex services reflects 29.2% of university students in Kiev? 18.5%. It is only in the study of voluntary work in the sex industry.

Male students choose to work in the sex industry, at least women students, said study author Felix Bettsler. "This is a surprising result, we expect the prevalence of female students"? said Mr. Bettsler presenting research.

According to the study, the typical age of the Berlin students or students who earn money to their body? a little less than 26 years. Thus, it is mostly about the senior students. 52.3% of students are involved in prostitution in parallel have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend. 48.9% of them describe themselves as heterosexual, 13.3%? as homosexuals, 37.8%? bisexual.

Although "high hourly pay" and "financial difficulties" were the main two reasons for working in the sex industry, called the students, it is difficult to say that working in the sex industry services is a necessary measure for the Berlin students. Studying at the University of Berlin free of charge, during the semester, students pay only a fee of 239.99 euro, which also covers travel on all modes of public transport. Moreover, about 50% of students who admitted to work in the sex industry, were also told they would receive help from their parents. However, the payment industry, according to the Studienkolleg zu Berlin, from 50 euros per hour to 300 euros per night? is significantly higher than the average wage of Berlin.

Immediately after the financial motives that led to work in the sex industry, respondents named the "craving for adventure" and "love to have sex." The rest of the students showed a high degree of solidarity with their fellow students in prostitution, "curiosity" and include 50% of the respondents, "with compassion" — 50%. This is more than in Paris or Kiev.

Recall that prostitution and pimping are not banned in Germany. The country legally operate brothels and street prostitution exists. Legally protected work as a prostitute and social legislation can rely on social assistance from the state. Meanwhile, experts say that among part-time students in the sex industry is popular also because the students are eligible for preferential medical insurance, which is almost inaccessible to individual working prostitutes are not students in universities.

It is said that we have nothing to rejoice. At the Institute, where he studied as a high percentage of girls hunted selling his own body.

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