The monument is open to two outstanding scientists in Dubna

September 20, 2013, the second day of the Scientific Council of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, a monument was unveiled two outstanding scientists, academicians Bruno Pontecorvo, one of the greatest geniuses of physics, and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Venedikt Dzhelepov, who for many years headed the Laboratory Nuclear Problems, where they both worked.


The monument — sculptor Dmitry Yarmin and Vyacheslav Sergeev — were able to fully embody the idea of colleagues BM Pontecorvo and VP Dzhelepov the lab and the institution: to present them in simple situations, which could see mnotie in Dubna. One comes with a portfolio of laboratory, the second custom bike rides, met on the green alley in the park, discuss some common problems. National monument — and this was said at the opening ceremony.

— We are witnessing a memorable, historic for our city, for our institute event — the opening of the monument to two outstanding physicists who have left an indelible mark on the development and the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, and our city, and, of course, the world of science — said in his speech JINR Director Academician Viktor Matveyev. — This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the two scientists.  Of course, it must be said that the name of Bruno Pontecorvo Maksimovic is known far beyond the borders of our city, and now its 100th anniversary is celebrated in many cities around the world, especially in Italy. But here’s the group — it is so alive, that is a testament to how naturally Maksimovic Bruno joined the life of our city and our institution, in fact found a second home here. In Dubna he spent more than half his life. These were the most fruitful years of his work, here in full bloom of his physical genius, here are offered the most outstanding of his ideas, which are still in the focus of international researchers — the physics of neutrinos, neutrino astrophysics experiments to detect reactor neutrinos, solar neutrinos etc. Of course, very pleased that at the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, in our institute, our city that talent was able to complete development. For dubnentsev this monument — the personification of the time that is remembered by many people, so they have seen in their time Bruno Maksimovic and can now show it to your children. Their alliance with Dzhelepov Dzhelepov, this pair — an expression of the atmosphere of creative collaboration, which is rich in our institution, our city.

One of the people who own the design of the monument was Professor Alexander Olszewski, until recently head of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems (due to the expiration of his term of office at the current session of the Scientific Council elected the new director of the laboratory — it was the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Vadim The poor ).

— Thinking about what might look like this monument, we are still inclined to the idea that it should be for all dubnentsev — he stressed. — And that’s why he looks like. I think that’s such Maksimovic and Benedict Bruno Petrovic our citizens and remember — how great scientists, public figures, and as human beings, true citizens of Dubna, who made a huge contribution to the culture of the city, organizing fun activities, athletic achievements Dubna, even to example, such things as the organization of a direct train from Moscow — Dubna.

In the ceremony was attended by the children of Bruno Maksimovic — Gil and Antonio Pontecorvo, who had just returned from Rome, which was attended by a representative of the scientific conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the great scientist. Guest of honor at the conference was the president of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, a report will be delivered by Nobel laureate Jack Steinberger, received the most prestigious awards in the world for the realization of the idea expressed by Bruno Pontecorvo.

Asked to assess the creative idea and its realization Jill Pontecorvo said,

— Very nice monument, human, looks good, and the spirit of the people who are depicted. And the spirit of the city, of course. — We initially agreed with the administration that it will be a national monument, to be able to go to him, take a picture, that it was not on a pedestal, and on the ground — everything in life. To the two scientists were perceived as real people who have been and are now, with their problems by talking, bicycles, briefcases, — the sculptor Dmitry Yarmin.

— They actually live. How did you do it?

— Art is the magic. Here I am doing magic and — smiled artist.

— You yourself like that? Or creative dissatisfaction still remains?

— Well, maybe a little bit there. But in general I am very pleased with the work.

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