The monument to the legendary Katyusha appeared in Vladivostok

On the 75th anniversary of the Khasan events in the updated park Morgorodka in Vladivostok, a monument to the heroine of "Katyusha".

Specially for this day has been landscaped public garden: paved paths, installed lights are in order green areas, planted with shrubs. At one site, a stone-mounted pedestal, on which there was a sculpture. Now cute Russian girl from the world famous song in anticipation of a loved gazes out to sea.

The song "Katyusha" by composer Matthew Blanter on poems by Michael Isakovskogo, first performed in November 1938, is still popular not only in Russia but also abroad. According to one version, the prototype of the heroine of the song was born in Vladivostok Ekaterina Alexeeva, who with her husband border guard officers participated in the battles at Lake Khasan and valor, was awarded the Order of the Red Star.

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