The more correct we do, the louder they yell

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                                                                  "If the West berates us with the last

                                                                  words, it means that we are all doing the right thing "



That is in fact what pattern is obtained.

When the "Gazprom" has been rocked by Vyakhirev and gas past the budget on behalf of individual beneficiaries, no one even close to openly resented the criminal activities of the gas empire. As soon as the "Gazprom" has become a driving force of the state and began to fill the budget, spending money on sports, social programs, build gazovoprovody in Europe and China, gasify regions and more, it immediately poured mud and accusations of parasitism.

When the Russian army and plundered everything was falling apart, the boys were killed in Chechnya, and the status of the military has fallen below the prostitutes, experts and eneraly silent in a rag and did not cry in the media that the army kills Yeltsin. Once begun to sweep the officers and generals of dealers and traitors, raised salaries and rearmament began, he immediately began prosecution authorities of all the deadly sins. Eneraly staff and other experts with "the facts on their hands" began to explain that "Taburetkin destroyed the army." Like before, she rolled in clover.

When the Russian industry has ceased to exist as a phenomenon, but a strike in the country came one after the other, as the entire salary of people went into the pocket of bandits, many experts are not even close to aggravate this hysteria about the catastrophic situation, as they do now, when the at least some the development of production and infrastructure renewal.

When all the media served the interests of oligarchs and conducted live public "showdown" between "money-bags", no one spoke about the lack of freedom of speech. As soon as the power is turned the elementary order in the media and journalists were not allowed so hard to depend on the whim of the owners and their political interests, "unique journalistic groups" started yelling about stifling free speech.

When most people barely making ends meet, but this time a small group of narrow and wanton criminal elitki considered vitally the stolen millions, experts are not screaming about the terrible stratification of society with such anguish, as they do now. Despite the fact that now the majority of life has become much better and pulled the income to the European middle class. While the European middle class begins to grow poor.

And so on. Such manifestations of laws of weight. And this pattern is as follows: the power to do something correctly, the more yelling in the information space that all power is doing wrong. Think about this law, and you will easily distinguish the truth from manipulation.

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