The most accurate calculations of chimneys from the Company Corax

The company "Corax" engaged in the development, design and installation of systems for flue gases, in June 2013 offers its clients an estimated flue pipe and tube. Calculations are made with high-class engineers, taking into account all the parameters of the future system dymootvedeniya.  They will further ensure the safe and reliable operation of any heating equipment.
Ltd. "Corax" is present on the market for more than seven years. At the heart of the business are experience, knowledge and skills to enable in the shortest possible time to draft, assemble and supply any equipment associated with the flue gases. The company manufactures and supplies chimneys, flues, chimneys collective, dymootvedeniya system and is the guarantor of the quality of work produced. Recently, much attention is paid to the introduction of new energy-saving technologies for the removal of flue gas from boilers, individual heating systems, modular boilers and CHP plants, process furnaces and other equipment.
The company employs experienced engineers are capable of in the shortest possible time to solve any problem related to the lead system of smoke. Calculations made by them on the basis of the parameters given by the client, are characterized by high accuracy and originality of solutions.
The company supplies various purposes chimneys: chimney height of 40 m, designed for industrial enterprises, risers for individual heating in apartment buildings, and chimneys, whose work is under high pressure and at operating temperatures up to 6,000 C. The diverse range of chimneys.
"Company" Corax "has branches in different cities of Russia. Contacting any of them, you can get expert help in choosing the right equipment and carry out the order, which will be executed on time. The company is certified to fire safety and compliance with GOST R and a license Emergencies ", — said the director of the company.
Information about the company:
The company "Corax" manufactures and chimneys, flues, chimneys collective, dymootvedeniya system, and performs calculations chimneys. Chimney buy can be in the branches of the company. More about the company can be found at

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