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April 27 Krasnogvardejskiy area completed the last stage of installation of energy-efficient equipment installed as part of the joint action of the Government of St. Petersburg, JSC "Petersburg Sales Company" and JSC "Petroelectrosbyt." In one of the three houses, home to the best consumers of electricity produced rapid energoobsledovanie and replaced light bulbs in common areas on the LED.

On Friday, in a house on Bolsheokhtinskoye Avenue, 33/2 in the common areas and the local area completed installation of energy-efficient LED equipment in the framework of "The correct house — just light."

In gratitude for the exemplary payment discipline specialists energy services department of JSC "Petersburg Sales Company" held in the building of express energoosbledovanie, the results of which have developed the best for this home lighting solution. Electricians JSC "Petroelectrosbyt" two-tariff replaced the broken unit of electricity consumed by the needs of the public lighting, and installed innovative energy-saving lamps SvetaLED®, produced specifically for the residential sector, which has presented the St. Petersburg manufacturer of LEDs "Svetlana-Optoelectronics."

Residents of homes winners are satisfied: energy conservation measures will allow citizens to save up to 50% of the money spent to pay for general building lighting in stairwells and adjacent territory. This is very important because the tenants pay for electricity in the common areas (staircases, local area, etc.), regardless of whether they use the light or not. According to the specialists of the plant "Svetlana-Optoelectronics," if in St. Petersburg to replace all traditional light fixtures in common areas to LED lighting, it is possible to achieve the release of the electric power in the volume of 330.4 MW. The action of "correct house — just light" showed that energy resources in the residential sector in the implementation of LEDs enormous.

At the award ceremony representatives of "Zhilkomservis number 1 Krasnogvardeyskoe region", in charge of the house-winner, was awarded letters of acknowledgment from the JSC "Petroeletkrosbyt", and on the building of "Petersburg Sales Company" established a plaque with the inscription: "Here live most conscientious consumers of electricity in 2011. " Besides "Svetlana-Optoelectronics" gave leadership ZHILKOMSERVIS number 1 Krasnogvardeisky district certificate for passing the lighting survey.

The ceremony was attended by the chief specialist of the operation and engineering support of the Housing Committee Boris Cheshko, deputy director of the State "Housing Agency Krasnogvardeisky District" Alexander Artamonov, Deputy Managing Director — Energy Efficiency of "Petersburg Sales Company" Basil Kodo, General Director of "Petroelectrosbyt "Catherine Gorshkov and representatives of" Svetlana-Optoelectronics. "

Recall that the action of "correct house — just light" is held this year for the first time. Its mechanism is simple: for the specialists of JSC "PSK" and ZAO "Petroelectrosbyt" carry out monthly monitoring and identify apartment buildings, owners of premises which do pay for electricity. According to the analysis of the inhabitants of three houses winners receive a special prize: a comprehensive energoobsledovanie and replacing light fixtures in common areas for energy saving.

The monitoring by the 2011 winners of the action were residential houses located at the following addresses: Street D.Bedniy, 19 (Kalinin region), Savushkina, 78 (Primorsky region) and Bolsheokhtinsky Avenue, Building 2 33 (Krasnogvardiysky district).

In further JSC "PSK" and "Svetlana-Optoelectronics" action plan to make an annual event.


JSC "Petersburg Sales Company" OJSC ("PSC") is a supplier of electricity to St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, serving nearly 2 million households and 36 million customers — legal entities. Supply of electric power of "PSK" in 2011 amounted to 23.9 billion kW / h The main shareholder of "Petersburg Sales Company" is JSC "INTER RAO UES". Since 2010, the functions vested in the managing organization of "United Energy Company", which is the sole executive body of the seven supply companies JSC "INTER RAO UES".

"Svetlana-Optoelectronics" — one of the largest in Eastern Europe and the CIS systems for the development and mass production of LED light sources for the full production cycle. In the 11 years of existence has taken a stable leading position in the Russian market of nanotechnology, producing in-house in St. Petersburg high-quality lighting devices based on LED, which are used in all segments of the economy. Implemented major projects in the country to transfer to LED lighting of railway transport, chemical, power, oil and gas, logistics and engineering infrastructure, housing and communal services. Manufactures LED luminaires and lamps TM SvetaLED®.

JSC "INTER RAO UES" — A diversified energy holding company, present in different segments of the electricity industry in Russia and abroad. The company occupies a leading position in Russia in the export and import of electricity, is actively expanding its presence in the segments of generation and distribution, as well as developing new lines of business. The strategy of "INTER RAO UES" is aimed at creating a global energy company — one of the key players in the global energy market. The installed capacity of power plants in the Group "INTER RAO UES" and are under the control of around 29,000 MW.

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