The most northerly tea in the world

JSC "Matsesta tea" is the only producer of tea in Russia. This tea goes through all stages — from planting and harvesting to processing and packaging, ensuring excellent quality control and unique taste.
"Macesta tea" can be considered a national pride, because he regularly wins prizes at international exhibitions of tea.

Subtropical, humid climate Matsesty ensures a soft warm autumn and winter, which creates favorable conditions not only for rest and treatment for people, but also for the cultivation of tea.
Today Macesta known fact that it is grown tea is the most northerly in the world with a unique taste.
By 2014 it is planned to increase the harvest of tea leaves to 1000-1100 tons.
Development of the industry is due to the participation of the Administration of Sochi, as well as the financial support of the federal and regional budgets in the form of subsidies for uhodnye work, reconstruction of tea plantation and processing workshop tea leaves.

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