The most popular Christmas names newborn Muscovites

 Since the beginning of the year in Moscow, registered the birth of 326 boys and 289 girls, the official portal of the Government and the Mayor of Moscow.


Thus, the most popular names for newborn Muscovites month(From 12 December 2012 to 12 January 2013)Artem steel and Anastasia.
Such data aredemographic statisticson the site of the Moscow government.

Just a month from December 12 in Moscow named Artem boy called 241, named Anastasia called 250 girls.

The second most popular boys name was Max. So named 224 children. The most popular name in Russia — Alexander — They called 212 boys. It took third place as of January 12.

Among the girls’ parents also were popular names Maria (228 girls) and Anna (208 girls).

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