The most popular names in Russia 2012

According to the data of registry offices in Russia, the most popular names in the country in 2012 were Alexander and Anastasia, reports News

Name Alexander for several years ranked top on the list of most popular male names in Russian. Followed in descending order are Sergey, Dmitry, Andrew, Alex, Max, Eugene, John, Michael and Tom.

These ten names for boys are the most popular in 2012. Just past ten leaders are such names as Daniel, Cyril, Jaroslaw, Nikita, Denise.

In 2012, rapidly gaining popularity are relatively rare in previous years, names like Bogdan, Timothy, Matthew, and Gleb Zahar. First, compared with previous years there were also rare Russian names Thomas, Neil, and Mayor Luke.

The most popular female name remains Anastasia. Immediately followed by Helena, Olga, Natalia, Catherine, Anna, Tatiana, Maria, Irina, Julia.  

In 2012, the popularity of names found Elizabeth, John, Sophia, Daria, Veronica and Alice. Russians are increasingly defining their daughters uncommon names such as CAIS Arina, Varvara, Ulyana, Vasilisa.  

Old names — Aksinya Avdotia, Pelagia is also becoming increasingly popular, the report said.


PS It is obvious that the Chinese, the Indians, Tajiks, Caucasians, Arabs began to call their children Russian names. Opposition gives the tooth.

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