The most powerful diesel-powered icebreaker in the world are building in St. Petersburg

In the skies of St. Petersburg — a section of the future icebreaker "Viktor Chernomyrdin," a fragment of the right side. "This is the highlight of the installation section — says Dmitry Ibragimov, acting chief builder of the project» 22600.» — Is now going through a stage of formation of the ship on the slipway. We see the installation — installation of the". 

Picking up a steel structure weighing 60 tons, and despite the efforts of the Petersburg wind, just install it on the slipway — very difficult. But for 157 years at the Baltic shipyards have learned to overcome difficulties. Court for the northern latitudes here at the Baltic Shipyard, began to build in 1920.

The stocks have gone on Vasilevsky Island, for example, all types of nuclear icebreakers "Arktika", as well as the latest Russian diesel-electric icebreaker "St. Petersburg" and "Moscow". The new icebreaker, which is still referred to as "Project 22600" will be a twenty-ninth icebreaker built at the Baltic Shipyard.

"This icebreaker is designed to run on the Northern Sea Route, — says Alexander Ryzhkov, head of the design department CDB" USC-iceberg. "- His power will work in the northern seas of the Arctic Ocean. Since it is diesel-electric, it can work and in the Baltic Sea, in the Gulf, where the work of nuclear icebreakers may be limited. "

This will be the largest and strongest in the world of diesel-electric icebreaker. 25 megawatts of power comparable to the power of existing nuclear icebreaker "Taimyr" and "Vaygach." With this new machine will be more maneuverable and more economical due to the existing analogue combined steering system. "Apart from the two steerable propellers, which are located on the sides, in the center of the engine and propeller is direct drive torque on the screw — like icebreakers," — says Andrey Grigoriev, deputy chief designer of CDB "USC iceberg."

According to its characteristics "Project 22600" — a research icebreaker and rescue towing. It is useful, versatile, and very difficult to build, are recognized on the Baltic Shipyard. "Rather — interestingly — admits Artem Pidnik, first deputy general director of the plant. — The vessel makes use of new solutions, new ways are sought mechanization equipment. Progress and scan for new hardware."

"Viktor Chernomyrdin" for the Baltic plant — not the limit of possibilities. In autumn, when completed will be the strongest body in the world of diesel-electric icebreaker, at the same shipyard will build the most powerful atom.

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