The most powerful plant in the world for the production of thermal insulation in Tatarstan will start in February 2012

In February 2012, in the SEZ "Alabuga" will welcome the launch of the plant insulation materials Rockwool. The delay in implementing the project in the company explain the international financial crisis. The first start-up complex of the new enterprise will allow the production of up to 11% of the total volume of the Russian market insulation. At the company has delivered all of the equipment is not installed and setup.

Recruitment is carried out in parallel, the number of which the end of January should reach 240 people. Rockwool investment in the creation of the plant was $ 150 million Payback period — 6-7 years.

"The volume of output at the time of opening will make 110,000 tons per year with the possibility of a second production line, which will double the existing capacity," — said Ms. Minibaeva. In March 2011, a marketing agency Discovery Research Group has completed the research of Russian market of insulation materials (TIM). According to them, the total market is about 20-25 million cubic meters. m in kind. In the Russian market mineral wool insulation materials for more than 60 manufacturers.

Almost 80% of them are located on the territory of Russia. However, the most popular products of foreign brands — Ursa (concern Uralita Group), Isover (Saint-Gobain) and Rockwool. According to experts, the growth of the market for thermal insulation materials for all groups in the population in the coming year will be about 10%. According to the press service of the President of Tajikistan, the first starting complex of the new venture will allow the production of up to 11% of the total volume of the Russian market of insulation. As reported by "Where’s the money" in the PR-department of Rockwool Russia Group, a new enterprise products the company plans to deliver to the Volga region, the Urals, Siberia and in Kazakhstan. "Commissioning of the new plant will significantly reduce the import of Rockwool insulation and go to the provision of the Russian market of products of three factories in Russia," — noted in the company. Recall that the construction of a factory Rockwool capacity of 100 thousand tons per year in the SEZ "Alabuga" was announced in the fall of 2007. In June 2008, the first stone.

The plant was to become the third Russian companies of the group, producing insulation materials of stone wool for thermal and acoustic insulation, fire protection of buildings, insulation of pipes, ducts and industrial equipment. It is further planned to mount a second production line, which will increase capacity at least twice. But in terms of the planned production run was not. In April 2009 the specialists of the company press service explained that the construction time was pushed due to the unstable economic situation. Then the company has expressed interest in the supply of products for the construction of the Universiade-2013.

Only in May 2010 between the Rockwool Russia Group Chelny and construction company "Insaat" signed a general contract and was the start of construction of the plant. And at the end of November 2011 meeting of President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Rockwool Russia Group CEO Nick Vince, which was finally approved by the start of production time.

"The new production of Rockwool in Tatarstan will have the most modern in the world of technical equipment for the production of plants rock wool insulation", — Explained in the company, adding that during the project implementation capacity of the first production line has been increased to 110 thousand tons

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