The most powerful Russian excavator began work

On Krasnobrodsky coal mine of the Criminal Code "KRU" put into trial operation excavator EKG-32P, manufactured by LLC "IZ-KARTEKS im.P.G.Korobkova", part of OMZ Group.


EKG-32P with a bucket capacity of 32 cubic meters and a working weight of 950 tons — the most powerful excavator of the "direct mechanical shovel," ever made in the Soviet Union and Russia.

This is the first excavator, released in Russia, which is equipped with the alternating current. It is released under the radical renewal of the product range on the basis of extensive modernization and renewal of production capacities of the company, carried out with the financial support of its strategic partner — "Gazprombank" (JSC).

According to the contract, in 2011, of the Criminal Code "KRU" already passed and put into operation two EKG-18R produced by "IZ-KARTEKS P.G.Korobkova them."

The successful development and manufacture of a new product line of machines allows IZ-KARTEKS strengthen its leading position in the market of mining equipment and enter the three largest producers in the world of electric mining shovels. Excavators Ltd. "IZ-KARTEKS them. P.G.Korobkova "operate today on all major mining companies of Russia and the CIS, as well as a number of companies in the Far abroad.

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