The most powerful weapon of self-defense

under Russian law, of course, because in some countries it is possible to have a howitzer home.

This is the most perfect private civil defense weapon for the modern Russian market, embodying the unique development of domestic defense companies, which have no analogues in the world.

A distinctive feature of the weapon is a large-caliber rubber bullet
Steel Core

Weight rubber bullet pistols 1-3 majority, the energy of 30-50 J.
At Wasps and 13.3 g Energy 93 J.

All ammunition for the system "OCA" have a special sleeve made of aluminum alloy and electric fuse head.

Today, available in 6 types of ammunition 18h45
— T-traumatic,
— NW-light and sound,
— O-lighting,
— I-aerosol,
— With the red-K signal
— NW green signal

Flares are used to trigger flares white. Height the rocket reaches 65 meters, the burning missiles — up to 4 seconds.
Illuminated area has a diameter of 100 meters, brightness up to 5,000,000 candelas

Most models are equipped with a laser designator and elements of logic
protect against misfires. (if you did not load the first cartridge, the current is automatically fed to the next round.)

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