The Multiclet is marked by the Academy of Engineering Sciences

April 27 at the enlarged meeting of the Presidium of the Ural Branch of the Regional Academy of Engineering Sciences The Russian Federation to them. AM Prokhorov were awarded diplomas to the winners Award — Gold Medal. Professor AS Popov.

In a solemn ceremony the President of the Ural Branch of the Academy of Engineering Sciences. AM Prokhorov, Academician, Professor Vladimir Lisienko presented the General Director of JSC "Multiclet", Doctor of Technical Sciences, corresponding member of the ANI them. Prokhorov Boris Zyryanov and the author of multicellular architecture, technical director "Multiclet"Nikolai Streltsov diplomas and gold medals to them. AS Popova for the development and implementation of multicellular processors built on the basis of high-performance processor cores with a radically new architecture and minimal power consumption.

Established by the Ural Branch of the Academy of Engineering Sciences medal Professor AS Popov is awarded for achievements in the field of radio, electronics, computer science, computer engineering, and mathematical modeling. Members of the Bureau congratulated the winners of their well-deserved achievements and wished further success in the work on the project started. In his congratulatory message Vladimir Lisienko noted that of "Multiclet" can count on the support of President ANI them. Prokhorov, Academician Yuri Gulyaev, Director of the Institute of Radio Electronics of RAS, in matters of promotion and diffusion of the company’s products, as well as for further collaborative research.

After the ceremony in his reply, Boris Zyryanov said that for him, as for the innovator, it is important to make a difference when our scientists invent a universal popularity by western engineers, who used these inventions, as in the case of A. Popov and Marconi. "We must learn not only to innovate, but also to embody — by this we now turn to the" Multiclet ", completing the basic R & D for the first multicellular processor" — added Boris Zyryanov.

After the official part of the ceremony was present at the event, the crew asked the Regional TV Boris Zyryanova tell more about the project, the work on which received awards.

"Today the Academy of Engineering Sciences found a way to mark a milestone in the life of" Multiclet. " SRED completes the development cycle of the processor, and we moved to the industrial production of microchips. To date, we have signed 30 agreements with major industrial concerns of the country. Now we come to the delivery of the first multicellular processor that did not exist in the world, based on a completely new breakthrough architecture. — Told Boris Zyryanov. — For us, this is a momentous event and we are very pleased that the Academy of Sciences said this medal. AS Popov. "

During the interview, Boris Zyryanov also noted that the development of "Multiclet" is the foundation of microelectronics cluster Sverdlovsk region. The project to create the cluster entered in the "road map" plan "New Industrialization", developed by the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia" and approved Vladimir Putin. "Cluster supported by the Governor — AS Misharin, he gave appropriate instructions ministry of science and industry in Sverdlovsk region — said Boris Zyryanov. — Unfortunately, the government in its previous composition was not sufficient operational and did not respond, resulting in our cluster of pilot projects, the Economic Development Ministry moved to a lower position. However, we still expect that the project will be implemented by a cluster of microelectronics, as devices created cluster have many billion dollar market, and with the base as its own microprocessor, we can conquer this market. " 

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