The Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin Festival opened December Nights

In the twenty-eighth time in the White Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts opened the festival "December Nights", since the foundation of Sviatoslav Richter preserves the status of the elite cultural events winter in Moscow.

This year’s musical evenings will be held in the entourage of William Turner’s painting under the motto "Dedication Turner: the image and sound." Start the program gave the American Chamber Ensemble violinist Pinchas Zukerman (The Zukerman ChamberPlayers), performed the works of Dvorak, Brahms and Elgar.

Despite the "English" accent present "December Nights", the central character whose frenetic and brilliant Briton William Turner appears surrounded by fellow composers Purcell, Handel, Elgar, Bridge, Tavener, Vaughan Williams, Ireland, the opening concert in the White Hall of the museum passed with additional overtones. For the second night in a row eminent violinist Pinchas Zukerman performed in Moscow, presenting not only the works of composers, but the sound of musical instruments — violins Italian Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesu, the legendary master, his creations are marked with the monogram IHS (Jesus Hominem Salvator — "Jesus — the savior of mankind" ). This format shows, representing "the violin as a work of art," opened in Moscow patron Maxim Viktorov having bought into private ownership Guarneri violin "Ex-Vieuxtemps" in 1741 and presenting its spring concert Zuckerman for the Moscow public.

At this time, as many as three Guarneri — "Ex-Vieuxtemps", "Dushkin" (property Zuckerman) and the "Ysaye" (Japanese Music Fund) — were made in the Great Hall of the Conservatory in the "Dedication to Guarneri del Gesu." Free concert with the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Zukerman, cellist Amanda Forsyth and violinist Jessica Linnenbah gathered an unprecedented sell-out: galerok doors were wide open, and the student audience occupied all the passes and the area around the hall, where there was at least something inaudible.





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