The mysterious case of the forest




This incident occurred in the summer of 1984. That summer I was resting on a vacation in the countryside in the Lipetsk region. My cousins and I and a couple of kids go out of the woods Golichensky ted. Will produce a nice summer, grass nalilas juice and rose above the knee. I wandered among the fragrant greenery and as a city-dweller could not look enough at the green blanket of grass. In our area on the slopes of the ravine grows wild strawberries. I forgot about the hay, wanted to go to the side of the ravine and look for it, but in front of my attention yellow area. He clearly did not fit into the green sea grass and was an exception, as the island of greenery. I decided to take a closer look at him, and was surprised. Grass grew all around, and here without any transition landscape has changed dramatically. Dried grass lying flat on the ground all around, as if she was lying so much since last year that even a single living germ is not sprouted from the ground. In appearance, this is round the site was about three meters in diameter. At the center of this circle could be seen well in the black soil freshly dug earth. I leaned over the well and felt its edge, it was a depth of about six inches, ten inches in diameter. Its edges were smooth and dense, darker than the soil itself. This fact has interested me, I otkovyryali edge and crushed piece of solid ground with your fingers. It is easily crumbled. And there seemed to me one more thing strange. If the ground was drilled here, as is common to set the stakes of the fence, then where was taken out on the surface of the earth? It should be a lot of that pit, but it was nowhere near even a little bit, as if someone had taken all of her. And why so far, in three to four kilometers from the nearest town, where someone or something is done? Once again, I leaned over the well, and noticed at the bottom of the petals of flowers that grew everywhere in the county. They were freshly ripped off and thrown as if some child wondered: love — not love. I began to look through the eyes of the stems from the flowers, but most did not find anything, even insects and worms were not in this vedmennom round, although there, at the border of the circle of life boiled.

What stood here? Why are so far away from the village? Why did the grass in strictly designated areas? Who was here recently and sketched petals in a hole? Ran my thoughts, and I called the guys. We looked long and thought that there could be. I asked the brothers if they had seen when mowing the grass, there's something. No, no one saw anything, but in 1980 in these areas observed a UFO. I again thought occurred — and where traces of the towers? It can not be that this is something standing on the sole, leaving a hole in the middle!

I groped in the dehydrated vegetation, but found only a semi-circular indentations and round, in the thick green grass. There were just three. Depth sagging lot was two or three centimeters. A few minutes later, everyone went, but I, as a fan of mystery for a long time sitting in this place and looked at the blue sky, but there was nothing suspicious. At this point I would like to finish my story, but more often ask myself the question, but I was not subjected himself to some radiation, being so long in this circle?


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