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About brain drain from Russia says a lot. Internationally known and respected media such as BBC, hinting at the fact that "the Russian youth heads for the exit," and that "the most intelligent and talented" in droves fled to the West. Economist went so far as to say: "People have become Russia‘s main export", and pointed to a website called "It’s time to bring down", where instructions are given on how to emigrate from Russia. It’s just a few examples, but most of the Western media as a fact about the idea that Russia is going through a devastating crisis of mass emigration.

Whenever I point to the official data of Russian statistics showing that immigration today is much lower than in the 1990s and even in the "good" period at the beginning of Putin’s rule, many people are polite notice that trust Rosstat especially for expatriates should not be. (The other is much less politely say I’m stupid and weak-kneed people, again I say these things and prove that emigration from Russia is not enlarged.) Actually reasonable to say that emigration from Russia is growing. Do not people tired of a political system that is not accountable to them, they did not resent the economic system through corruption moth? People have to want to go to the West, that is richer, which is better political institutions, and which comply with the laws.

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On the advice of the researchers of the European Council on Foreign Relations (European Council on Foreign Relations) Judah Ben (Ben Judah), with whom we have a very interesting and fruitful talked the day before yesterday on Twitter, I decided to delve into these western countries of immigration, quite sensibly assuming that receiving countries maintain their record is much more thoroughly than sending. And what do I find? And that’s what. Although the figures from Western Rosstat statistics differ, the general trend indicating a steady decline in emigration from Russia, in both cases, is unchanged.

That’s what happened with the emigration from Russia to Canada from 2002 to 2011, when a terrible Vladimir Putin suppressed democracy, and the young and educated Russians allegedly ran to the door. Keep in mind that Canada survived the global financial crisis better than any other developed country.

And that’s what happened with the emigration from Russia to the United States, this is how the Russians may enjoy the excellent opportunities offered land of freedom and the birthplace of the brave.

Russian emigration to the United States decreased very much, and now it is approximately 80% lower than in the 1990s.

But (thanks OECD) data on the Russians, who have decided that they should build their future in the rapidly developing and law-abiding Germany and South Korea.

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Of course, there are countries, such as Spain, France and Italy, where the Russians in the period 2000-2010 have been migrating in greater numbers. But let’s start with the fact that the Russians are ahead in these countries in large numbers were not leaving and reducing emigration to the more popular countries such as the U.S. and Germany, with more than offset any increase. The tables in the OECD several inconsistent and incomplete, and I decided to show the data for these countries is mainly due to the fact that the statistics provided by them are no gaps for years, which is why it seems reliable. But even if we just add up all the numbers for years, we realize that the peak of Russians out of the country took place in 2002, and since then the number of those leaving has decreased by a third. * Can I think of some other categories, but 33 percent reduction of emigration from Russia as a not very epochal crisis heralds an outcome.

Can grow in the future emigration from Russia, even in the near future by creating a serious threat to this country? Of course. It is likely, especially in the current circumstances, when the tightened belt savings on the last hole Spain sells papers for permanent residence to anyone with enough money in the pockets (if you are financially secured and can live on their savings, Spain is very attractive for you place). But the stories that Russia is rapidly emptying it "exports" its population in a more democratic and law-abiding country, are simply not true. On what evidence would we look, emigration from Russia in 2010 is much, much lower than in the 1990s and 2000s.

I do not get hung up on any representations about the patterns of migration, and therefore, if the data for 2012 show that of the Russian left a lot more people, I have no problem I will take that into consideration. But before excitedly broadcast of "brain drain" from Russia, it is necessary to make sure that it is indeed the case. The situation today is that emigration from Russia is now much lower than in any other period of time in post-Soviet history.

* Keep in mind that I have taken the OECD data is much broader and detailed than those for obtaining a residence permit. Figures for permanent residence much smaller, but they show a steady downward trend.

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