The myth of Corruption in Russia do not do anything

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For 5 years (2005-2010) the number of Civil servants increased 11.3%.

The positive dynamics:

1. The number of convicts on st.290 for 5 years (2005-2010) increased by 27.6%.

2. The number of state employees sentenced to prison st.290 for 5 years (2005-2010) increased by 48.6%.

3. State employees for 5 years (from 2005-2010) in the crimes charged in the average 2.4 times more, than all other groups.

4. Estimated (in different years slightly different figures) 43% reported cases of bribery (st.290 and 291), ending conviction and preventive measures.

5. Corruption index from 2001 to 2010, according to a survey FOM decreased 36%.



Of the 1,648,400 state officials over the last 8 years (2003 to 2010) has been convicted 11888 people, this 0.72%, ‘m not sure that’s enough.



1. According to current Russian legislation, corruption — the abuse of office, bribery, bribe-taking, abuse of power, commercial bribery or other illegal use by an individual of his official position contrary to the legitimate interests of society and the state in order to obtain benefits in the form of money, property or other assets The property or services, other property rights for himself or for a third party or illegal provision of such a benefit to the specified person other individuals, as well as the commission of these acts on behalf of or for the benefit of the legal person.

2. Some of the information (and 2009 and 2010), taken from speeches Lebedev VM

3. Number of persons convicted under Art. 290 and 291, by the measure of restraint is taken from reliable sources (if anyone is willing and able to check, please, I myself will also be interesting)

4. The rest of the information is taken from the site of Rosstat.

5. Article 290 — accepting a bribe

6. Article 291 — bribery



Thus I was able to destroy the myth that "corruption in Russia is not what is being done." Rather, the "anti-koruptsionaya activities in Russia requires a substantial gain." 2

I do not know you will appreciate this article or upset but I will be grateful for the constructive criticism and for new proposals for the destruction of the myth of the invincible corruption.



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