The myth of the FSB staged attacks in Moscow, Buinaksk and Volgodonsk in 1999., To have a reason to begin the second Chechen war.

September 26 evil of "Solidarity" and the other to hold a meeting in the MSC.

"FSB of Russia was involved in the bombings of apartment houses in Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk in 1999." And there are a considerable number of people who believe in it. And they even say the blasts were carried out to start the war in Chechnya. "FSB staged bombings to the government started the Second Chechen." (By the way, this version is strongly pushed by the Western media, according to the translation of the press in the New York Times). So try to create a "proper public sentiment." But all these "pravdoruba" forget about some of the details.

A month before the bombings (they were in September 1999.) — August 7, 1999. invasion began to thousands of militants Khattab and Basayev into Dagestan. (It’s a well known fact, just for some reason not made mention of it, as the first significant event of the time).
And it was quite obvious that it will take a new Antiterra. operation in Chechnya that its borders "freedom fighters" are not usidish if you do not understand the hornet’s nest, then there will be other invasion. And explosions occurred a month later. And quite fit into the diversionary tactic of war by the enemy during combat operations.

The chronicle of the events:

August 2-4 — Makhachkala police clash with local Wahhabi militants in CE area.

Aug. 3 — Internal Affairs of Dagestan transferred to the barracks.

Aug. 5 — Begins relocation of the 102nd brigade of Interior Ministry troops to cover the Chechen-Dagestani border in CE area.

August 7 — Division "of the Islamic Peacekeeping Brigade" Basayev and Khattab, numbering from 400 to 500 militants freely entered Botlikhskiy region of Dagestan and seized a number of villages (Ansalta, Rahat, Tando, Shodroda, Godoberi), announcing the start of the operation "Imam Gazi-Magomed" .

August 8 — Militants seized the village and Shodrotu Ziberhali.

August 9-11 — "The Islamic Shura of Dagestan" distributed "Declaration on the restoration of the Islamic State of Dagestan" and "Decision in connection with the occupation of the State of Dagestan" (these documents are dated August 6). "Shura" announced the State Council of the Republic of Dagestan deposed and formed an Islamic government. Across several regions of Dagestan began broadcasting TV channel "Shura", carrying the calls for Jihad and other Islamist ideological materials. "Shura" officially appointed temporary commander of the forces of militants in Dagestan Shamil Basayev and the Arab warlord Khattab.

9-23 August — Fighting,

August 23 — Basayev led the remnants of his troops on the territory of Chechnya.

August 24 — Federal forces regained control of the villages Ansalta, Rahat Shodroda, Tando.

August 29 — The beginning of the military operation to seize and destroy the Wahhabi enclave in the Kadar zone.

Terrorist attack in Buynaksk Sep 4. 1999. in the use of a truck packed with explosives next to the hostel families in / with the 136th Motorized Rifle Brigade MO Russia. 64 people were killed, 23 of them — children, 146 people were injured. The second truck packed with explosives was defused by sappers near the hospital two hours after the first explosion.

On the next day Sep 5. 1999. Chechen forces under the command of Basayev and Khattab re-entered in Dagestan, "in order to ease the pressure of military and police forces on the rebel village Karamahi and Chabanmakhi in the Kadar zone." According to the statement fighters, this operation "Imam Gamzat Bey" was not planned, but was held back "to the requests of Muslims Karamahi Chabanmakhi and save them from destruction." (According to the liberals, "the FSB staged the bombings." Probably Basayev and by order of the Federal Security Service has begun an invasion.)

September 6 — Captured by militants in Dagestan village Novolakskoye, Chapaevo Shushiya, Ahar, Novokuli, Tuhchar, Gamiyah.

September 7 — Federal forces stopped a militant 5 kilometers from the town of Khasavyurt.

Sep 8. 1999. — The explosion in Moscow on Guryanov Street. The blast killed 100 people, 690 people received injuries of varying severity or injured in some way, getting moral injury.

September 11 — Shamil Basayev announced the withdrawal of "Islamic groups" of Novolakski district. His statement: "The Mujahideen came to Dagestan in order to help fellow Muslims in the Kadar zone, and now, after the defeat of the militias, it makes no sense to continue fighting."

Sep 13. 1999. an explosion in a house in Moscow at the Kashira highway. 124 people — were killed 7 people received injuries of varying severity, affected 119 families.
To Sep 13.14. fighting continued in the Kadar zone of Dagestan.
September 16 terrorist act in Volgodonsk. 19 dead, most affected by varying degrees of 15280 people (including more than 1,000 children). The investigation revealed that the Karachai Wahhabi terrorist attack carried out by order of the congregation Khattab and Abu Umar (both destroyed in a special operation). Almost all the organizers and participants of the terrorist attacks or sentenced to lifelong. time, or eliminated. Some were arrested and extradited by the Georgian authorities.

That is, when the bandits in Dagestan strongly pressed the federal troops, attacks have occurred in the first Buynaksk, not far from the place of combat, then in Moscow and Volgodonsk.
At that terrorists could count: considerable effort and money will be thrown to the investigation of the attacks, to protect a large number of military and civilian targets in Russia and Dagestan, the noise rise in the media, various human rights organizations will fall on the leadership of the country, and they will go back down, it was not until this time, the pressure to weaken the militants in Dagestan. What is the meaning of the Federal Security Service to arrange terrorist attacks.

"Trail of the FSB" in Ryazan. Much has been broken copies of versions about who, how, why.
I recall only one time. Argue that a failed explosion "prepared FSBshniki, all also in preparation for the war in Chechnya." Bags with a substance similar to the RDX have been found September 23, 1999.
The fighting ended in Dagestan Sept. 14. More until their completion, the preparation for a ground operation in neighboring Chechnya.
6 — 18 September — Russian aviation causes numerous air strikes on military camps and fortifications militants in Chechnya.

September 11 — In Chechnya, Maskhadov declared a general mobilization.
September 13 — President Maskhadov said the real threat of Russian aggression and called on people to build defenses.

September 14 — Vladimir Putin declared that "should be subjected to impartial analysis of Khasavyurt agreement," as well as "hard to temporarily enter quarantine" around the perimeter of Chechnya.
September 18 — Russian troops block the border of Chechnya from Dagestan, Stavropol Krai, North Ossetia and Ingushetia.
So for almost 2 weeks in full swing preparing for a ground operation.
Were carried out air strikes on militant sites dislocation. The war was in fact already begun. And not so much since September 6, as from 7 August. The Great Patriotic War is considered to be from Ju
ne 22, and not from the date of entry of the Red Army in Germany. Or the Patriotic War of 1812. from the date of the invasion of Napoleon’s army, and not to the date of the occupation of Paris. And the preparation of an explosion in Ryazan as "excuses operations" did not make sense. While there have already been explosions in Moscow, Buynaksk, the invasion of Dagestan, an attack in the Stavropol region, and many other gang activities.
(Ryazan may or teaching, or attempt to attack the rotten fsbshnikami, many of which worked on the oligarchs such as Berezovsky in his chop, it was also a close associate of Litvinenko ostavnoy fsbshnik. Berezovsky was deputy secretary of the Security Council for almost a year in Russia. Put it where you want your people. or the head of security "Yukos" A. Pichugin, convicted for the murder, is also a former major in the FSB. oligarch Security Gusinkogo composed of former employees of the Fifth Directorate of the KGB (ideological control).
Sense for the state in the name of its service to organize terrorist attacks …….)
April 4. 2002 on the initiative of the party "Liberal Russia" Boris Berezovsky was created funded "public commission of inquiry into the apartment bombings in Moscow and Volgodonsk and exercises in Ryazan in September 1999." The head of the commission became a State Duma deputy Sergei Kovalev. What is the Sabbath of late.
In 2003, the secretary of the commission Kovalev, a human rights activist Lev Levinson said that the version of FSB involvement in the bombings, "even more doubts than in the" Chechen trace ". He noted that "many of the conclusions Felshtinsky — Litvinenko are based on assumptions. Sometimes — very free ".
Even the secretary of the "independent commission" does not believe this "version". But representatives of the fifth column will still stick to their line. Perhaps in the minds of people, something so settled. And over time, the chronology of events will be forgotten. And all merge into one, "the attacks is the FSB (by the way, to premiership in 1999. Vladimir Putin was the director of the service," and then he was involved in ") to start a war with the rebels and suppress Chechen independence."

Ps. In this case, the apologists of this nonsense completely deny doubt the official version of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. in New York City. There "just Islamic fanatics", "and in Russian -" government services ".

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