The names of the arbitrators recommended for use on the Premier League-2009

The names of the arbitrators recommended to work in the Premier League-2009 The names of referees recommended for use on the Premier League-2009. [Cut] in the Premier League list includes 20 people. This is Yuri Baskakov, Igor Zakharov, Sergey Karasev, Almir Kaumov, Alexander Kolobaev, Maxim Layushkin, Alexey Nikolaev, Vyacheslav Kharlamov (all — Moscow), Vladislav Bezborodov, Nikolai Ivanov (both — St. Petersburg), Ildous Biglov (Ufa), Alexander Gvardis (Kaliningrad), Vitali Doroshenko (Eysk), Igor Egorov (Nizhny Novgorod), Alexei Kovalev (Tambov), Edward Small (Volgograd), Vladimir Pettai (Petrozavodsk), Stanislav Sukhina (Malahovka), Vyacheslav Popov (Degtyarsk), Vladimir Kazmenko (Rostov). "The advisory list of referees approved. Now it has to approve the executive committee of the Russian Football Union, which is scheduled for March 7. At the same time agreed that the CFA will present an extensive list of judges in order to connect to a group of young referees their experienced colleagues. Maybe they do not immediately begin to judge the Premier League, but will still be in the cage. On the initiative of the clubs, it was suggested that their representatives will be involved in the evaluation of the physical condition and the tests that pass the referees, "- said the president of Premier Sergey Pryadkin in an interview with" Sport-Express ".

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