The narrow-gauge road m / n Tesovo-1

A group of enthusiasts As far as possible trying to maintain the historical facts and techniques railway peat enterprise "Tesovo-1", which had previously existed as a "Tesovskoe Transport Authority."

250 km from the old ways of only a little over 20, and those running enough. From former large fleet of locomotives and wagons remained little by little.

But most importantly, the narrow-gauge railway was alive, and, with the arrival of new owners, Peat, and with it the very narrow-gauge railway, got a second wind. Contribute to the development of the railway and made intuziasty. An agreement was reached with the owners of peat enterprise to build the access road to the site of the museum.

photo report on the construction of a narrow-gauge branch offered to your attention.

Renovated arrow that will lead to a new path. Now it is sewn. In the future we plan to install the drive.


Economic train with sleepers


Unloading sleepers


The work of the dispute.


Already prepared sleepers spread out on orthographic drawing. We decided to put the path on simplified conditions and the pitch between the sleepers set ~ 1 meter.


They brought the first rail whip


Moment sboltachivaniya interface


Then began the attachment Pelt to the sleepers. Advance was cooked homemade terminal key that railway engineers in the jargon is called "helicopter".


As in the 19th century — with his hands and crowbars whip is coming into place.


It trains rush!


The result of:
laid on concrete sleepers orthographic for 150 meters
laid about 50 meters on the narrow gauge rail road R-24.
There is still a lot of work — just be moved to the 200-meter path zaballastirovat, lift rails and sleepers on ballast and nailed it, even the way in plan and profile. Then, the path will be offered all the available narrow-gauge equipment.

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