The Navy has explained why the three Russian naval ships to the Mediterranean


Mezhflotskaya combined force of ships and vessels of the North, Baltic and Black Sea fleets will operate under a single command at the end of July, said on Thursday in the General Staff of the Russian Navy.

"About a week later combined force of Navy ships will gather under a single command at a rendezvous point in the Mediterranean. Navy Day "Russian village ships" will meet July 29 at full strength to begin to act as one "- said "Interfax".

He said that the group leader of the Navy appointed a large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet ‘Admiral Chabanenko’. "On the first day of the meeting command of three ships in the fleet would meet" Admiral Chabanenko ", to clarify the objectives and schedule a joint sailing under a single command," — said the representative of the Chief of Staff of the Navy.

He denied some media reports that "Russian armada of ships heading towards the Syrian coast." "Such a task before the group has not yet posed. Support vessels fleet will regularly call at Tartus to replenish water, fuel and food. As a technical necessity there would go and see and warships. Not for that we have to send them back to the sailors stayed in the ports, "- said the officer.

The interviewee noted that the first task will be worked out by the joint swimming in the warrant, air defense and anti-grouping and repel attacks, small targets.


In addition, special attention will be paid to the coordination of actions in protecting civilian ships from attacks by pirates. To this end, planned exercises, which will involve patrol ships and support vessels, as well as marine units, placed on all units of the group.

It is reported that a detachment of the Black Sea Fleet in the patrol ship "Sharp-witted", large amphibious ships, "Nicholas Phylchenkov" and "Caesar Kunikov" on Wednesday successfully passed through the Bosporus and the Dardanelles, and moves to rendezvous with a combined unit.

In turn, the ships of the Northern and Baltic fleets in the coming days will gather in the North Sea, and then boost along the Strait of Gibraltar, he added.

However, the Syrian opposition ozabotilas trek ships Russian Navy, suggesting that these maneuvers will contribute to the continued violence by the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

"We have discussed this issue with the Russian side. Russia said it was a routine maneuver. But we are concerned about the fact that during these maneuvers coincide with a dangerous situation, in particular, our visit here, "- said a member of the executive committee of the Syrian National Council Burhan Latrine


In addition, on Thursday in the management of news and information service of the Defense Ministry reported that the Russian Navy revived the practice of long-distance ocean campaigns, in which the focus is on practical actions in the sea united mezhflotskih groups.

"Before each ship commander tasked to use every nautical mile long voyage to the far ocean area to perform tactical and naval exercises of various kinds," — said in a statement the Ministry of Defence.

It notes that "the main task of the campaign mezhflotskoy united group of three fleets of ships is to develop activities under a single command."

"Ships mezhflotskoy groups on the move will conduct training on the use of helicopter systems in the organization of anti-submarine warfare in the near field of search and rescue exercises, exercises for receiving and transferring cargo to move, exercise, organization communications in transit, air defense groups, as well as to ensure the safety of navigation in narrow waters pass, "- said in a statement.


It is noted that the previous campaign combined mezhflotskoy groups took place in the period from December 2011 to February 2012. Then the ship of the Northern Fleet aircraft carrier group led by the heavy aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" interacted under the unified command of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea with the forces of the Baltic and Black Sea fleets.

Defense Ministry reported that the detachment of warships of the Northern Fleet as part of a large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Chabanenko" large landing ships "Alexander Otrakovsky", "George", "Kondopoga" as well as support vessels, "Nikolai Chiker" and "Sergey Osipov" while on the campaign already in the Barents Sea, has embarked on the exercise to organize defense on the move in the warrant. In addition, the ships fulfill training objectives for search and detection of submarines. Plan campaign also provides various internal ship doctrine.

The objectives of the interaction at the level of detachment mezhflotskom Northern Fleet warships will begin in the near future, when in a designated area to be joined by a detachment of ships of the Baltic Fleet in the patrol ship "Yaroslav the Wise" and tanker "Lena". Under the general supervision mezhflotskaya group of warships will perform a variety of scheduled combat training in traffic on the designated route in various parts of the Atlantic.

The plan provides for an ocean trip activities and combat training in the Mediterranean Sea, where the group of the Northern and Baltic fleets connect with a group of warships of the Black Sea Fleet in the large landing ship "Nikolai Phylchenkov", "Caesar Kunikov" frigate "Sharp-witted."

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