The need destulenizatsii

The need destulenizatsii

Victor Marakhovsky
Chief editor of a web project "However". Journalist. Born in Riga in 1978.

 Dear readers! Of course, the power may be, and nothing was accused of deliberately drowning of Krymsk. But is it possible to believe in her innocence? After all, it holds the power of mental debilitation, de-Russification, de-Stalinization, anesthesia and pindosizatsiyu Russia. How to trust her if Chubais free? When we enter the WTO? No answer? Then some. Meanwhile, each year 100,000 people die from drugs, compounded by the collapse of the industry, and the borders with Central Asia open, and there millions of migrants being dragged millions of kilograms of heroin. And all allegedly voynushki power with the opposition marsh — a game for suckers on the public. The only way out — the trial of traitors.

  And so on. There is a special — and very loud — a kind of patriotic citizens, which I propose to talk.

These citizens hate liberalism and the West, and the like Soviet values, Stalin and the military might of the Soviet Union. That’s why when Westerners and liberals begin another public relations campaign against the Russian state — these citizens participate in it on their side as saboteurs. That is, until anti-government activists spewed fire masirovannoy anti-government hysteria — these citizens make their way to the camp of statesmen and begin to explode there ultragosudarstvennoy hysteria.

Until now, this group of people was in no way are named. Krawiecka colleague, considering the special case "yuvenalkoy," called it "psevdoantiliberalami," but it is very long and not saying.

Meanwhile, the Internet, a lot of them, and they need a name. Here there are liberals — we all know about them. There loyalists — who do not ideological phenomenon, but quite a lot of different people, willing to go about their business — whether harmful, useful if — if this power. There are (and have to honestly admit it), "the sect of Putin" that believes in the fact that GDP — knows everything, can do everything, has far-reaching secret plan and its mysterious ways.

Now it is — in many ways our efforts with you — and most political activists. They are the ones who know that no one, including GDP, alone just does not know and just can not. And so he tried his efforts help to ensure that in the fight against the destruction of a Creatrix defeated the creation.

But the style, which I mentioned at the beginning — nameless.

It can be called "unrelenting patriots" — because they are irreconcilable reality testing for compliance with patriotic slogans and reality over and over again gets them count. You can "totalitarian libertarian" — because they are for the military order and the iron grip, but the output of real order and real power always make one — "I do not trust them, I’ll be alone, to my God and imaginary sniper." You can "survivalist" — because in the long term they clearly see NATO landings on the Red Square and the guerrilla struggle with them, building on a prepared cache and taken to the stew.

But I suggest for these types of offensive term "stulenisty." Because it is the best way to describe their existence. That is exactly sit on a chair, and from this position to advocate for all possible Stalinization. Uncompromising, violent and always nepodstebaemo.

I’m an example of life explain how it works for them.

For example, a lot of drug addicts in Russia. This, by the way, really. In Russia many addicts because industrialization, the need for which so many said the incumbent president, had still not begun. And tens of thousands of anybody not really grown up and no one really does not demand of young boys across the homeland in the evenings or call Rafik come themselves "to the Cuckoo" and there "on Priceline" to replace the missing sense the arrival of artificial life. And coming to them — by heroin, known in narkosrede under the meaningless term "shit" — deliver the same ohrenevshy of nonsense former compatriots from broken-kleptocratic tyrannies of the former republics of cotton. Heroin comes from Afghanistan, where, after the victory over the Taliban Yankees planting poppies grown tenfold.

What do the usual patriotic citizens? They — who is where, who knows how — trying to eliminate the causes of the means that we have. Including try and those citizens that in power — because there is a normal human officers of Federal Drug Control Service, and normal human officials, up to ministers and senior officials. And they (not inefficient, because agents of chaos and personal gain, of course, there are more and they dominated for decades) are trying to fix this nightmare. In this case, bearing in mind that there is a higher strategy to reunite the country. And if we’re going to restore the overall country — then hang the iron curtain for sredeaziatov not work. In this case, bearing in mind why Homeland reconciled with the invasion of Afghanistan and the Yankees even helped appliances. Because the Taliban directly helped Caucasian separatists weapons and millions of dollars by sponsoring, by the way, and porizvodstvo samovzryvayuschihsya suicide bombers. Ordinary patriots hard life in general — always something there has to remember and think about.

Stulenisty are much more ergonomic. They naguglivayut Statistics, prepared by the same guys from the Federal Drug Control Service. And explain that this power — that is, by the way, and the guys from the Federal Drug Control Service — a policy of anesthesia. Because dozens, if not hundreds of thousands of kids die every year from a drug addiction? Die. This power does not hang the iron curtain to come in large numbers from the former republics of the cotton? She said. This power has helped in his time Pindos defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan, which (it is true) in the last couple years of his rule have reduced planting of opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan to a minimum? She said. In addition, Chubais is still at large, and a great country and has not been restored etc.

Stulenista conclusion: the power of a policy of de-Russification anesthesia and Russia. I do not trust her. The fact that she does not judge or shooting traitors — said that she at one with them. Point.

Psychological motives stulenistov well explained in terms of the concepts of Dr. S.V.Saveleva. Last, we recall, explain most of the complex behavioral patterns simple basic instincts — in particular, the desire to save enegriyu and dominate.

Stulenist — is, I would say, a clinical example of economical dominance. It is, on the one hand, ideally saves energy (ie no responsibility for anything in itself does not take). On the other hand, is perfectly dominates — already over all power (because time after time, comparing it with the ideal, it makes it outright and is better all around and above). Distribute the cans to the state into an empty net (because unity government team is imagining them, but in fact it is not), stulenist get quite physical pleasure: the feeling of rightness in his body highlighted certain number of certain number of serotonin and dopamine, and he will be happiness. Temporarily, of course — as in a few hours needed again catches up with his nepodstebaemoy righteousness.

…I have it all lead to nothing, dear readers. Drug addiction in all countries of the world have no respect at all because that addicts get pleasure or inflict self-harm. And because they are in their unwillingness to work long and intently for
a simple human pleasures — get their heroin coming antisocial way. Goods of passers-by in the doorways, picking out the radio of car, pulling the metal wiring of door phones, beat windows, run over to supermarkets. That is, they kind of destructive activity.

So, stulenizm — it’s the same thing, only at the conceptual field. Stulenista not really very interested in the restoration of the statehood — otherwise he would not put forward conflicting claims to the state. He was not punishable and selfless thankless task — otherwise he would not have left a long time ago from the public service (many stulenisty in his youth served.) He just gets so unhealthy excitement.

And if we are really going to stop debilizatsii anesthesia and Russia — even without destulinizatsii us in the future, just not enough.

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