The need for equipment TETRA-GLONASS could be more than 20,000 units per year


The company "Tetrasvyaz" federal services of a professional radio operator, has announced the official results of the testing of subscriber equipment TETRA-GLONASS at the press conference, which took place at the exhibition "CSTB 2011".
The event was also attended by representatives of NGOs RIC-Systems, "GeoStar navigation" and Sepura (UK).
The program’s press conference included the presentation of equipment and solutions TETRA-GLONASS designed to work in a professional radio communication systems. In a joint project, "Tetrasvyaz" conducted technical tests and wearable vozimykh radios with built-in GLONASS produced NGOs RIC-Systems under the brand name Gamma.
GLONASS chip supplier acted KB GeoStar Navigation, a leading developer and manufacturer of microelectronic components.

Conducted by specialists of "Tetrasvyaz" tests have shown that the equipment GAMMA has high technical performance and meets the requirements of law enforcement agencies and emergency services to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of the connection.
The availability of GLONASS does not violate the correct operation of the device and does not limit its functionality. Experts of the company has been noted, including the feasibility of using dual-system module GLONASS / GPS in TETRA subscriber units to improve the accuracy and reliability of positioning, which is particularly important in the context of public and national security.
Equipment testing TETRA-GLONASS made on the basis of its own TETRA networks of "Tetrasvyaz" in Vladimir and Moscow regions, as well as in New Jersey.
"As the leading provider of professional radio networks in Russia and the executive in charge for a number of large-scale telecom projects, the company" Tetrasvyaz "is interested in the quality of infrastructure equipment, which will be produced by the domestic industrial sites with the involvement of European technology and expertise. We appreciate the need for equipment TETRA-GLONASS at more than 20,000 units per year, "- says the president of the company" Tetrasvyaz "Alexander Moldavanov.

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