The new 18-meter bus euroclass presented in St. Petersburg

Reform starts rolling stock renewal carriers Petersburg. In this connection bus provided in the new model.

The new 18-meter bus "VOLGABAS 6271-0000010" is equipped with special engine emissions standard and is equipped with the advanced technology. Its cabin is much more spacious and comfortable than the old model buses.


While the bus will be on the test. Although, according to experts, in St. Petersburg, now is not the best weather for such experiments.

In the past year, virtually the same buses were on trial in Moscow. The same model is provided for St. Petersburg.
"Out of the many advantages of this machine are its soft, smooth ride, very fast passenger traffic, convenient door. For the development of bus-friendly materials were used. Inside, air conditioning, and an indicator that shows how many degrees in the car. The requirements for our work is becoming more strict, so the quality of the machines is increasing. The bus, which we now present, it is enough eco-friendly, allowing him to participate in European competitions "- said General Director of LLC« VOLGABUS »Alex Bakulin.

However, describing the advantages of the bus, no director, no representatives of the Committee on Transport could not announce the amount spent on the development of a machine of this sample.

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