The new analyzer for prenatal earned a diagnostic center of Bryansk

Genetic consultation Bryansk clinical and diagnostic center has received a new immunodiagnostic analyzer for prenatal, ie prenatal screening, the main purpose of which — as soon as possible to determine the possible defects in the unborn child. Thanks to a new device, doctors could give a prediction of the risk of birth defects in the fetus at earlier stages of pregnancy.

"This advanced equipment will be used in our mainly for screening of pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy. The purpose of the survey — the formation of groups at risk of congenital and hereditary diseases in pregnant women, "- said the head of the medical and genetic counseling Bryansk clinical and diagnostic center Natalia Kapustin.

The new analyzer is equipped with special software and hardware complex, which will create a common network for physicians throughout the medical and genetic counseling, in other words, the data analysis will be able to see without leaving the workplace, several experts. "This will allow for a more in-depth analysis and use of all the links that should be involved in the diagnosis of congenital abnormalities in pregnant women in the first trimester," — said Ms. Kapustin.

New equipment in the medical and genetic counseling has come for the federal priority national project "Health". In general, a service update is underway, has already overhauled offices, and by the end of the year more forthcoming and necessary supplies.

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