The new assembly shop of Khrunichev SCRMC allows you to build up to five rockets Angara

The news of the entry of new shop of Khrunichev SCRMC was back in August, but in my opinion, was noticed. Therefore, I decided to publish.

August 4. / ITAR-TASS /. The new assembly shop of the State Space Research and Production Center / Khrunichev / them. Khrunichev allows the simultaneous assembly of five heavy launch vehicle "Angara". Told reporters today the director space rocket factory Khrunichev Alexander Selivyorstov.

Shop No. 70, which were first admitted Russian journalists and where they will be collected boosters / RN / family "Angara" strikes a giant scale. It is empty. "The case was commissioned in December 2010, are about to configure transport here from 22th workshop bench products" Angara "and the equipment. — Said Selivyorstov. — It will collect copies of flight Angara. Now we are forming and operating a masterful composition, which will be held here the final assembly and testing of products. The room allows the simultaneous assembly of five heavy machinery. "

Speaking about the conditions in which the workers will be working in the shop, Selivyorstov said: "We will do everything that people were nice to work with."

The main advantage of the new generation launch vehicle "Angara", the head of the Khrunichev Center Vladimir Nesterov, is that "creates a versatile space rocket complex: first of all, it will be put into orbit three classes of missiles — light, with a payload of up to 3.5 t , the middle class — to 14.6 tonnes and heavy class — up to 24.5 tonnes. " At this pH, medium and heavy class capable of delivering the spacecraft and the geostationary orbit. There is one major advantage: instead of building a spaceport in Plesetsk launch facility created under the supports of all three classes of missiles.

All launcher made up of two elements — the universal rocket modules URM-1 and URM-2. The principle of creation — both in the children’s game "Lego" — depending on payload to URM added fuel tanks and booster can be light, medium or heavy class.

Creating a space rocket complex "Angara" — the problem of special importance, recalled in Khrunichev. Incorporated in the project specifications are at a level that allows the family RN "Angara" to compete with the world’s best examples of space rocket technology.

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