The new bottling tap for open-hearth shop UralVagonZavod


Under the re-equipment of Uralvagonzavod in open-hearth shop head office of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" began installation of a new 75-ton crane casting. Its use will help lift the heavy workload foundry span. In addition, the introduction of modern equipment will significantly improve the working conditions of the workers.

The new crane Ukrainian production has replaced the worn-out and obsolete crane 1969 release. Bottling tap specialist and has two lifting mechanism. In addition to the main 75-ton lifting buckets for preparation and transfer of liquid metal on it installed auxiliary hoist for such works as shipping slag and unloading machines.

Modern lift mechanism is fully consistent with ever-stricter requirements for industrial safety. Ergonomics is pressurized cab with air conditioning, equipped with all safety devices, create a more comfortable working environment for the crane operator.

The unique mounting of casting 75-ton crane is that all operations are carried out in a continuously running production. Today, it contains all the mechanical parts of the machine. Installed carts — the main, secondary and bridges. General contractor is Engineering Center (Nizhny Tagil). After initial installation and commissioning of the new equipment is planned for the end of February.

Work on the upgrade of the open-hearth shop will continue. In the near future there will be the replacement of two muldomagnitnyh cranes in the charge migration.

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