The new bridge will connect the road Krasnoyarsk and Kemerovo region

In Sharypovsky District of Krasnoyarsk Territory on the crossing over the river Uryup began construction of a bridge that will connect with each other qualitatively road Tisulsky region and district of the Kemerovo region.


The old bridge was in disrepair and was not subject to repair. Construction was delayed for years because of the fact that the two regions of Russia could not decide in whose jurisdiction the solution of this issue. The border between the territories of the river runs through. Governor of the region during his working trip to Sharipovskoye district drew attention to the need to build a new bridge. At the level of the Ministry of Transport held talks with the neighboring area. It was decided that to finance the project and the construction of a bridge in equal shares will Kemerovo Region and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The problem was resolved largely thanks to the persistence of residents and the district administration Sharypovskogo reported Sept. 16 in the government of the region.

This transport to ensure reliable communication between the Kemerovo Region and the Krasnoyarsk Territory, which is beneficial in the first place, carriers of passengers and cargo. For years they have been on their way from the southern districts of the province in Kemerovo and Novosibirsk do many kilometers "hook" through Achinsk. Construction of facilities engaged in Krasnoyarsk by OOO "Mostremstroy."

September 15th hole punched for the first pile of the future bridge. Bridge builders have promised that construction will take about 2.5 months. The facility will be commissioned later this year.

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